Debtors Defense Partnership Inc. ("DDPI") specializes in fighting debt, for ourselves and for our debtor-partners.

DDPI knows debt.

Most debtors are already aware of the bank misdeeds and abuses as they relate to the mortgage industry. Such misdeeds and abuses that occurred years ago are only now coming to light in lawsuits and investigations. Hardly an evening goes by without some news or media report about a lawsuit against a bank or group of banks, whether the lawsuit is by individuals in a class action, by states attorneys generals, or by federal regulators. Banks and related finance industry entities have paid out settlements, damages, and penalties in the billions of dollars. DDPI has discovered that the credit card, debt generation, and debt collection segments of the finance industry were laced with similar misdeeds and abuses.  

In the past few years the founders of DDPI have discovered and documented many types of debt contract and collection misdeeds and abuses. The documentation revealed that the misdeeds and abuses were pervasive. They extended into many segments of the debt industry on an almost systemic basis. 

Debt contract  and debt collection misdeeds and abuses result in the generation and collection of illegitimate debt, and most debtors have no idea that they are victims. Misdeeds and abuses include failure to disclose material terms, invalid accounting techniques, invalid and excessive charges, invalid and excessive interest rates, invalid and excessive fees, unfair trade practices, deceptive trade practices, attempting to collect invalid "zombie debt", and other similar abuses. The misdeeds and abuses are not only a violation of contract, but they are sometimes violations of state and federal law.

95% (verify or find some similar stat) of Americans are deep in credit card and other unsecured debt. DDPI believes that a significant amount of that debt was improperly generated, improperly assessed, and is thus invalid. Compounding those misdeeds and abuses are improper collection techniques.

That is where DDPI goes to work because DDPI knows debt.


The first step to no debt is to know debt.   (Trademark that statement as to finance industry applications.)